Tenant Insurance

SoCal Self Storage is pleased to offer our customers Tenant Insurance. It's offered as a month-to-month policy with the premium paid along with your rent. Nice and easy.  Our insurance program, provided by the Bader Company, is affordable, convenient, and specifically designed for self storage. We require our customers to participate in the insurance program, or provide proof of alternative coverage, such as homeowner's or renter's insurance.

The Tenant Insurance Program has the following levels of coverage for you to choose from.

  • $10 a month for $2000 insurance coverage
  • $15 a month for $3000 insurance coverage
  • $23 a month for $5000 insurance coverage
  • $78 a month for $20000 insurance coverage

There are two ways to sign up. Click on the link below to download the application, print and mail it in with your premium or you can call your friendly storage perfectionist to get started today!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why do I need insurance?
A. Since we do not know what you are storing and do not take custody of it (it's your lock and key) we are not liable for any damage to your property. In other words, our insurance covers damage to the building, and Tenant Insurance covers your belongings.

Q. What does this insurance cover?
A. It protects you against damage to, or loss of, your property from 32 different causes, including fire, earthquake, and burglary. There are some qualifications and exclusions. Please make sure to review the policy terms. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance or Policy is available at your facility's office.

Q. Won't my homeowners insurance cover my property?
A. You may opt to use your homeowners or renters insurance, however many of these policies provide limited coverage for property stored in self-storage facilities. Please check with your insurance agent to see if it will be in your best interest to utilize your policy. Additionally, many homeowners and renter policies have steep deductibles (typically $1000-$3000) that can persuade you not to file a claim if the unfortunate happens, and many times filing a claim can raise your monthly premium or worse - cancel your policy all together.

Q. What type of property is eligible for coverage?
A. Almost any personal or business property you store is eligible for coverage. Some of the exceptions are items such as accounts, bills, firearms, currency, deeds, evidences of debt, securities, money, notes, animals, jewelry, watches, precious or semi-precious stones, furs and garments trimmed in fur.

Q. Is flooding covered?
A. As with regular homeowners policies, damage from flood or rising water is not covered. Flood insurance is available from the Federal Government.

Q. What is the maximum amount of coverage offered?
A. The maximum amount of insurance that can be provided is $20,000 per insured. All property in excess of $5,000 requires pre-approval. Call The Bader Company toll free at (888) 223-3726 for approval and premium charges.

Q. When does my coverage start?
A. Coverage starts when you complete and sign the Enrollment Form and pay your first month's premium. Your property is also covered while in transit to, and within 100 miles of the storage facility.

Q. When will my insurance expire?
A. This is a pay-as-you-go, monthly renewable policy. Your coverage continues as long as you pay your monthly rental rate and insurance premium. You may terminate your lease at any time.

SoCal Self Storage in California offers tenant insurance